Tata Photon 3G


Tata Communications, as a measure to grow its actual portfolio of services by adding higher value managed services, has launched 3G, in order to fulfill the evolving needs of its customers. 3G is a set of technologies and standards that include W-CDMA, WLAN and cellular radio.Globally Huawei is the market leader in 3G and broadband solutions. Therefore, Tata DOCOMO 3G is a joint venture of Huawei broadband providers, which now entering fast in the emerging Indian market and the costs offered have also been very reasonable.

3G refers to the third generation of mobile telephony, that supports mobile multimedia applications. Tata DOCOMO 3G delivers packet-switched data with better spectral efficiency, at far greater speeds. Tata DOCOMO 3G Services include features like-

  • Wide-area wireless voice telephony and video call access.
  • Allows the access of broadband wireless data in a mobile environment.
  • Additional features includes HSPA data transmission capabilities with speeds up to 14.4Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8Mbit/s on the uplink.

3G networks have not been upgraded from 2G networks and functions on the basis of W-CDMA technology. 3G is also termed as a “mobile broadband” because of its speed and capability, that makes it a viable alternative for internet browsing, and USB Modems. Connecting to 3G networks are becoming increasingly common, as the network works in mobile devices which have compatibility for 3G. For a mobile broadband deal, the mobile device has to be connected to the 3G network through its SIM card (in the case of a mobile phone) or its 3G data card (which can be of different types: USB, PCMCIA etc.). For 3G services new networks need to be fitted and new frequencies are allocated to the mobile operators as they offer greater security.

For the one looking for advanced wireless technologies, Tata DOCOMO 3G service suits best. Through Tata DOCOMO 3G network, which is a mobile broadband experiences high speeds in- audio and video streaming, voice and video calls, downloading and uploading data.